I’ve seen this article talking about how churches need to adapt to Millennial needs floating around my feed and I think it’s worth addressing.

A point the author entirely misses is that many people simply don’t buy the worldview that church is selling. To many, it stretches credibility at best or is wholly absurd at worst. A majority of Millennials polled believe in God, but are unwilling to tie themselves to a particular theological label. Of course, maybe I’m wrong, too, since UU and Quakers are seeing similar membership declines.

I wonder if the primary factors influencing church membership are economics and time. More young people are working longer hours, have multiple jobs to make ends meet, and feel tied down to a tighter daily schedule. TV church, live streams, and podcasts are available on our own schedule, not needing to block off half of a day religiously.

A lot of the comments I see on this are from Baby Boomer parents probably frustrated by their own adult children’s lack of attendance. I see lines like “just show up and WORSHIP” which might as well just be saying “STOP WHINING.” But that misses the point. If you feel alienated from your social surroundings, where the institution itself seems hostile to your values and way of being, it’s hard to focus on being self-reflective. And why support something that doesn’t share your values? Blind tradition?

…Or maybe this is all the death throes of an ultimately self-destructive ideology. Or just more cataclysmic prophecy from a group who like to make cataclysmic prophecies; that definitely seems to be part of the M.O.

People try to use ‘just joking’ or ‘trolling’ to pretend they’re not responsible for the things they say. When you say something awful and then come back saying that you’re ‘just joking’ – no, that’s actually what you think or believe and you’re simply not willing to own that. Grow up and own your words.

And never ever joke about defending or legitimizing molesting children. Milo Yiannopoulos wants free speech and he got to speak his mind, and everyone else gets to speak theirs by denouncing him. Nobody is being victimized here, except the kids that Milo apparently has no empathy for.

My graphics card was overheating, but overall system temperatures are fine. The card obviously needed new thermal compound. On every video walkthrough of this process, you will see that the first step is removing the backplate. But not on the Gigabyte R9 390 GV-R939G1 GAMING-8GD G1.

When you try to remove the backplate, you will find screw mounts like this instead of normal screw holes.

As I found out, you don’t need to remove the backplate with this card! Just remove the three screws on the far side of the card, then remove the 4 GPU heatsink screws, and gently peel the heatsink off of the card. Be careful not to break any of the power cables for the fans, and try not to damage the little glue pads that help the card avoid causing reverberation and noise.

Here’s what the stock thermal paste looked like:

Not the worst I’ve ever seen, but it’s obviously not doing the trick. I wiped it off with rubbing alcohol, put some Arctic Silver 5 in its place, put the card back together, and I’m averaging about 15 degrees cooler than before. Perfect!



Philosophy is the self-correction by consciousness of its own initial excess of subjectivity. Each actual occasion contributes to the circumstances of its origin additional formative elements deepening its own peculiar individuality. Consciousness is only the last and greatest of such elements by which the selective character of the individual obscures the external totality from which it originates and which it embodies. An actual individual, of such higher grade, has truck with the totality of things by reason of its sheer actuality; but it has attained its individual depth of being by a selective emphasis limited to its own purposes. The task of philosophy is to recover the totality obscured by the selection.

– Alfred North Whitehead, Process and Reality, Pt. I, Ch. 1, sec. 6.

Just another member of the over sensitive snowflake generation demanding safe spa- oh, wait…


From Aristophanes onward, the theater has a tradition of making the powerful feel uncomfortable. If the conciliatory tone of the performer scared Pence and Trump, that only speaks to their fragility.