Paul’s accomplishment in early Christian thought

The role of Christ in Christianity, and the form we have come to accept Christianity as today, can namely be attributed to the contributions of Paul to reframing Hebrew thought, with Greek influence, to come up with a new position for Christ to fill. The Hebrew Law was too rigid, keeping Christianity isolated to only persons who also accepted the tenants supported by Judaism. To resolve this, Paul displaces the Law as the center, or core, of the religion and rather have the position of Christ become center, negating the primary barriers of Jewish practice to keeping people from Christianity. With God becoming a human figure, which wasn’t a new concept, it allows the inclusion of all humanity into Christian acceptance and the potential for salvation.

The Gospels, then, when written, coincide with this new theological approach to Jesus and Hebrew thought.

Alfred North Whitehead

Alfred North Whitehead’s philosophy is one I find particularly intriguing, emphasizing organism and the emerging properties of complex organization over simple matter and location. It gives us a framework that allows for a qualitative understanding of the universe and a means by which we can interpret the interaction of what we perceivably experience.

Charlie from The Mighty Boosh

Charlie is genius, right; he’s made from a million pieces of old bubble gum, ha, imagine that! In the summer of 1976, on his way home from an Alice Cooper concert, Charlie started to melt onto the pavement; It was too hot in LA, and he melted like a pink bitch, Ha ha ha ha ha! Luckily though, there was Eric Phillips, a local crocodile who dabbled in black magic. He took pity on Charlie and scraped him off the floor with a pair of fish slices. He poured him into an antique soup ladle and boarded his magic carpet, ha ha! Destination Alaska! Eric Phillips decided to refreeze Charlie, but in his cold-blooded reptilian haste, he refroze him into to the shape of a hoover – “I wasn’t thinking.” Charlie wasn’t fazed though, he just zoomed about the place sucking up Inuits “ha ha … oh.” The Inuits didn’t mind, they loved it in Charlie’s pink tight warm belly pouch, and they refused to come out. Charlie said “I’m cool with that,” and set fire to a posh hammer to make it official. “I appear to be on fire.” The downside was that the Inuits suffocated immediately. It was air-tight in there. Charlie panicked and fired the tiny Inuit bullets into Eric’s crocodile peepers. “After all I did for you … oooh.” The green shape was frozen. After a quick drink Charlie stole Eric Phillips magic carpet and left for Seattle. Charlie was racked with guilt, he’d killed 50 Inuits, no-one needs that. He decided to spend the rest of his life putting small hairstyles onto boots, monkey nuts, trumpets and spanners.



I haven’t read anything recently; because of the heavy amount of reading I had to do in this last semester I put off personal reading. Now, though, I’m feeling like I’m missing something, so I think reading will be a good idea.

The problem is that almost all of my books are up in my college dorm room, which is inaccessible to me during winter break while school is out.

I think the only books I have with me are Objective Knowledge by Karl Popper, The World as Will and Idea by Arthur Schopenhauer, and The Phantom of the Opera by Gaston Leroux. I’ll probably read the Leroux novel, as it’s more suitable for casual rest reading.

Update: Every time I see the word “reading” I think it’s the name of the British city of the same spelling but pronounced “redding”.

BBC to release shows on Zudeo

BBC to release shows in high quality on Zudeo, Azureus’ video sharing site.

Unfortunately, they’re still going to be selling them, while still providing them for for viewing for free on their respective bbc web pages(but only for UK citizens).

This might make piracy easier; one person buys it then shares it. No encoding from TV, and no having to wait for DVD release for high quality. High quality for a simple purchase by one person online, then seeded over ThePirateBay or any other piracy torrent site.