Clever spam


Hello, I am from approximately two months in the future. On 10/22 at approx 2:34am CET a tachyon field failure in the main resonating ring of the LHC causes a “temporal blowback”. Shortly thereafter, the resulting destruction of the strong nuclear force causes the world to vaporize in seconds, while a few of us near the experiment are thrown into a temporal causality loop. While the predestination event (or as we have come to call it “The Big Rewind”) hasn’t occurred yet to
you, for us it is about three years in our past. I came across your site looking to see if there were any other scientists that may have theorized this phenomenon who may be of assistance in preventing it. This brings me to my point, I have repeatedly checked your site for the past five
rewinds at 2:34:01 CET and it still says nope, believe me at this point the LHC has most assuredly destroyed the world. I can provide a bank account in Nigeria for the funds to be placed. I am curious to the exact amount however.

John Titor
CERN Specialist