Bank issues credit card to cat

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SYDNEY, Jan 4 (Reuters Life!) – An Australian bank has apologized for issuing a credit card to a cat after its owner decided to test the bank’s identity security system.

Time to buy some kitty litter 🙂


I purchased a Zune.

Maybe I should have waited for MacWorld to make a decision, but whatever they released would likely not be in my price range or on TigerDirect for a long time.

Review upcoming once I get the device and have some time to play with it.


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This is why people who are not intelligent, diligent, and experienced should not try to work on computer hardware.
It would save the smart bunch a lot of work; though it wouldn’t provide them with humor.

John Stuart Mill

I can’t believe it, but I’ve found myself defending John Stuart Mill’s placing liberty on a pedestal.

A person is trying to argue that we should have the freedom to kill ourselves or allow ourselves be put into slavery. The problem is that these actions remove our freedom, and anything that removes freedom would be unacceptable, under a viewpoint that liberty is the most important and the hindrance of it is not allowed.

A right to freedom means that the right should not be allowed to be removed, as it is a universal right always applicable. The irony is that freedom means responsibility to ensure freedom.

So no, a person’s freedom, even if it only affects their own self, does not authorize them to do whatever they want. It needs to be within respect for freedom as a whole.


I need to reconnect with the rhythms of the universe and the rhythms of life.

We lose our intelligence, our consciousness, our awareness, when we do not realize and personally feel our connectedness and relation to the universe around us.

We are small beings, but through being part of a whole we are more than our individual capacities.

Pantheism mode: now disabled.


I have a new mouse for my computer; minor thing, I know.

I’m just very pleased with its design. I find most new mice as overly large and hard to manage, especially considering my hands are not very large. My old one was a smaller one by Kensington, while this one is a larger one by Kensington with a much more distinct design.