Another “scholar organization” scam

As a result of your dedication to scholarly success in University of North Texas, North America Scholar Consortium extends to you an invitation to apply for membership in the NASC Honor Society. Membership application is by invitation only; therefore, membership is a special honor afforded to a small group of outstanding students.

I receive this today, and I’m curious about the organization’s legitimacy. As a student, and now as an alumni, I receive these every so often.

For one, I looked up the domain registration information. This “old and reputable organization” has only had a website since October 2008, and it shares the same web server as an online dating/sex website. Second, the only websites that come up when you do a google search of the organization are forums where people are asking about the site’s legitimacy. Now, they were clever, because they named their “organization” something similar to other legitimate ones in the hopes that in your own research of their legitimacy you will not be paying attention to these differences.

Conclusion: this organization is a scam. Don’t give them your money.

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