Attitude is everything.

This afternoon on my way out the door, I glanced over at my roommate’s backpack and noticed a button that read, “Attitude is everything.” My first thought was “Jee, that’s corny,” but on the drive to work I started thinking about that button. . .

Attitude. The moment I started thinking about my attitude and how it affects the way I experience things, I resolved to have a positive one. Instead of dreading going work and having to deal with obnoxious patrons, why not try to make the most of it? After all, what if the patrons aren’t really that obnoxious, and I’m just making it worse by coming into the situation with a negative attitude? I immediately felt somehow cheerful, despite the fact that I was walking into work amidst the 100 degree heat.

Instead of feeling resigned to a boring afternoon at the library, I felt so refreshed that I took time to notice the perfect sunflowers growing through the chain-link fence surrounding a nearby construction site, and the mud that swirled and cracked around the bulldozers. I saw the beauty hidden within my everyday experience. It’s there, if I’m willing to take notice. . . I’m thinking I might start a photo diary. I’m always wishing that I would take more pictures; maybe if I always carry my camera, and take pictures of everything that inspires or interests me, I’ll start living in the moment and enjoying it, instead of deeming it boring before I even get there.

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