Do you know Dokdo?

Dokdo is Korean land!

Take a speedy cruiser, my friend
from the port of Ulleung island
and glide like a silver dolphin
slicing waves with its fin.

Keep running eighty-seven kilometer around
south eastern bound,
you’ll see Dokdo looking like ocean hermit
having two-little rock summit.

Mystic rocks standing tall
steep cliffs like a wall
and many white seagulls flying
got me fascinated in my mind.

This is our beautiful Dokdo where
we got to protect with care
from some Japanese pirates
coveting like the rats.

She’s been keeping us with honesty
in the east since Shilla Dynasty
like the guardian of heirs
for fifteen hundred years.

And she has many
migratory fishes in the East sea,
and a maritime petro-resources
under the bottom of the deep sea.

Do you know Dokdo in the East Sea is Korean land
We all love Dokdo and that island is our land.
Do you know Dokdo in the East Sea is Korean land
Won’t you leave for Dokdo together with our band.