Installing EmuELEC on Kinhank Super Console X Max

The manufacturer-provided Linux operating system for the Super Console X Max is an old, botched-up version of CoreELEC. If you want something more stable and up to date, it’s easy to install EmuELEC.

Note: this process will erase the contents of your SD card, which will include any ROMs and game saves. Back up accordingly.

  1. Download the latest -Generic.tar.gz install from the EmuELEC download page
  2. Download and install balenaEtcher for your operating system
  3. Insert your SD card
  4. Copy the bios folder from your SD card and store it in a safe place on your computer hard drive.
  5. Launch balenaEtcher, select the EmuELEC tar.gz, select your SD card (Make sure you select the correct SD card, not your computer’s hard drive!!). Start the imaging process!
  6. When the SD card imaging process is complete, eject your SD card from your computer. Re-insert it into the computer and find your newly minted EMUElec install!
  7. Navigate to the device_trees folder. Copy the file sm1_905x3_4gb.dtb to the root of the EMUELEC partition
  8. Rename the copied file to dtb.img
  9. Eject your SD card
  10. Insert the SD card into the Super Console X Max and power it on
  11. The operating system will install, and create a secondary partition with the remaining drive space for storing your ROMs and BIOS files.
  12. When the Super Console X Max reaches the main screen, press Start and navigate to Quit and Power Off to turn off the Super Console X Max
  13. Eject the SD card and re-insert it into your computer
  14. Copy the bios folder your stored above to bios folder on the new large partition on your SD card.
  15. Fill the different game system folders with ROMs for the games you want
  16. Eject the SD card from your computer and re-insert it into the Super Console X Max.
  17. Boot the console and you should now find your games!