Ramnode VPS review

I moved my site to Ramnode a little over 6 months ago. Before, I was hosting my site on a friend’s VPS, and paying for the shell service xShellz, but I decided to pay a little extra and consolidate my services. It was a great choice.

On Ramnode, I have an OpenVZ VPS with 512MB of RAM, on SSDs, running Debian. It’s extremely fast and reliable. I’m running the following services:

  • WordPress / PHP / Apache / MySQL
  • Postfix / Dovecot / Roundcube / SquirrelMail / ClamAV
  • ZNC
  • TOR relay
  • Mumble server

— all of the above on 512MB!

Anyway, I’ve been blown away by the quality and performance. They offer 2TB of bandwidth on even their lowest tiers.

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