How to Solve: Enrolled Chromebooks losing Enrollment

Lately, I’ve had a rash of Lenovo N22 Chromebooks that would lose their G Suite Admin Console enrollment. Re-enrollment wasn’t sticking and the next update would make them lose their enrollment.

To solve this, a full device factory reset is needed.  Follow this process:

  1. Turn off the Chromebook. Shutdown or long holding Power are both fine.
  2. Press and hold Escape, Refresh, and Power for 3 seconds. Let go.
  3. It will come up to a screen with a yellow exclamation. Press CTRL + D.
  4. It will tell you to press Enter to turn OS verification off. Press Enter.
  5. It will restart with a red exclamation. Press CTRL + D again.
  6. It will transition to Developer Mode. This can take 5-10 minutes.
  7. At the next bootup, it will tell you that it is going to start in Developer Mode and to press Space to turn OS verification back on. Press Space then Enter.
  8. It will transition back to Verified mode, this will take a minute or two.
  9. It will boot to the Welcome screen. Connect it to the wireless and enroll it with CTRL E. 

You’re done! Now your Chromebooks shouldn’t ask for Wi-Fi credentials on bootup as if they weren’t enrolled.

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