WoW is getting dull

Since Christmas, I’ve been playing World of Warcraft, and it has been a generally pleasant experience. Since 2005, they’ve made many improvements, added content, and fixed various balance problems. After nearly two months of playing, though, an old irritant is starting to rear its head: boredom.

When I began playing again, it was with my level 31 Druid, that I have now gotten to level 49. The problem I’m encountering is that the content I find more enjoyable is group-oriented, but most players are far above my level, and at the times I play there are few other players on around my level, so I am mostly stuck with playing repetitive solo content. Most of the new and exciting content is for much higher levels, and the grind to get there is rather uninteresting.

My game time expires in about a week, and I was given a game time card with which to renew my subscription. I’m becoming very tempted to tell Brandi to return the time card. I feel bad because I haven’t even reached any of the Burning Crusade or Lich King content that was opened up for me when I was given the expansions, but I don’t know if I can persist long enough to enjoy those aspects of gameplay.

Maybe tomorrow I will have better luck.

One thought on “WoW is getting dull”

  1. 🙁 Hang in there; your co-worker said it’s just a few more levels until it gets interesting. Anyway, you could always play at night after you get home from work. That way you would have more people to group with, and I could play Wii….

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