x11vnc – stack smashing detected

My x11vnc on Fedora has recently started crashing with the following error:

*** stack smashing detected ***: terminated

This issue seems to come and go for a lot of people with x11vnc. Bugs have been reported, but nobody seems to be able to pin it down. One workaround is to recompile it from source with some memory protections disabled, but that is a lot of work .

This workaround takes care of it: launch x11vnc with  -noxrecord on the end. That’s it!

10 thoughts on “x11vnc – stack smashing detected”

    1. Searching around, there were all sorts of workarounds that worked for some but not all. This is what worked for me, mostly through trial and error.

  1. In my case to avoid crash with Ubuntu 18.04 while drag and drop or resize the windows I needed to add
    -noxrecord -ncache 10 -ncache_cr
    to the config daemon file

    1. sorry it is -noxrecord -ncache_cr

      with only -ncache 10 -ncache_cr it appears 4 screens after reboot


  2. -noxrecord -ncache_cr

    Curro Blanquer, THANK YOU very-very much!

    Fixed this bug on my Linux Mint 19.3 MATE with window manager Marco + Compositing

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